Guy-David Lambrechts

Wedding suits are our specialty. Because of our wide range of different fabrics, we are able to create a wedding look that suits every concept. Most of the time, we do so in dialogue with the partner, in order to create a look that matches the future spouse perfectly.

It is of great importance to us that the wedding suite can be worn more than once, in different ways on various occasions. I

n addition, we attempt to create a look that matches the wedding’s concept. Not one idea is too challenging for us, whether your wedding takes place in the Scottish Highlands, a beach in Ibiza or Tomorrowland’s festival site.

Location, time and context are the central factors here, as they determine our choice for a particular fabric. We also aim to achieve the desired overall concept.

On your wedding day, two different individuals will declare their eternal love for each other. Therefore, we think it is important that certain elements recur in both their outfits. In this way, we intensify the strong connection between the two individuals.

We use very exclusive fabrics, of which only a limited number of suits can be made. The wedding suits, just like our entire collection, are produced in our own atelier, by a team of twenty seamstresses who carry out their jobs with passion.

From now on, we will present our haute couture collection to our regular customers two times a year.

In the past, we had the opportunity to design haute couture for foreign ministers and Hollywood actors, but also for future spouses who desire something very exclusive.
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