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Guy-David Lambrechts
Guy-David is the designer of the eponymous Antwerp-based fashion label, of which tailor-made men’s fashion is its specialty.
Our philosophy
We can dress anyone, which is why we are convinced that people who wear a perfectly matching outfit that emphasizes their personality, are happier. The chance to be your true self in a world where people are likely to be labelled, is our most important cause. After all, we are not tailors, we are designers. Tailors make the clothes of your choice. We design your clothes in dialogue with you, clothes which you thought were never destined to be yours.

Of course, we do have our own atelier at our disposal, where our passionate seamstresses make the design of your choice, tailor-made. The production takes place in Europe, which we are proud of.
Our process
After having set up an appointment via e-mail or phone, you can visit our store to meet us without any obligation.

During this meeting, we ask about your expectations and create a unique design together with you.

In case of a wedding, it is recommended that you bring your partner, as we aspire to work in agreement with both the partners to match the bigger picture.

We also give you advice while choosing the fabrics, so that your design does not only suit your physique and colours, but also brings your personality to the fore.

Your choice of fabric will not be based on a small sample, as we have jackets made of all the fabrics at our disposal. In this way, we can give you a reliable representation of the design.

After we have decided on the fabrics from which your clothing will be made, they will be reserved for you.

This reservation is important, as it assures you that the fabric you chose at the time of the appointment will remain available for you. However, should you wish a different fabric before we measure you, we can still change it.

A few months or weeks before the occasion on which you will wear our unique design, you will be measured. When we finished the design, we will notify you and arrange a fitting.

Design creates culture. Culture shapes values.
Values determine the future.

Mechelsesteenweg 20,
2018 Antwerpen België

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